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Bobbi Brown and me!!

I was born in London, and grew up in the 1970s Britain, living through the 1970s and 1980s was no mean feet, but it was in my early teens when I actually yearned to see someone brown either on TV or in magazines. It wasn't until 1992, when I spotted the beautiful Yasmin Ghauri. Her mixed heritage and dramatic features made her a refreshing change from the bubbly blondes who ruled the modelling scene in the 1980s. I clearly remember the elation of finally seeing someone that looked like me in the a magazine.... ok she's about a foot taller than me ... but she had dark skin, brown eyes and brunette hair.... that was going to have to do.

As a teen, I was desperate to wear powder blue eye shadow and pink lipstick, a truly horrific combination on my skin tone, but I was undeterred. I saved up my pocket money and went to the Boots after school, and bought a quartette of blue eye shadows. I looked at the palettes, with nervous anticipation, I knew immediately that two of the four colours would not show up on my skin, as too pale, but the other two darker shades, I had high hopes for. I applied the eye shadow with the tiny applicators, the insipid blue eyeshadow was no match for my melanin. All that I could see was a light shimmer of silver ..... that was the problem with most make up then, not enough pigment to show up on dark skin.

I did n't wear much make up growing up, except I did develop a penchant for bold lipsticks. It was n't until I was 25, that I read an article in Marie Claire magazine, abut this new brand that matched the yellow undertones in your skin, instead of pink undertones found more in European skin. Bobbi Brown became known for a makeup style that included moderate and natural tones, which was a stark contrast to the bright colours used at the time. I remember buying my first Bobbi Brown foundation stick in Selfridges, to this day, I buy the same foundation some 25 years later, I am brand loyal as no one else has created a foundation that matches my skin tone like this!!

I don't know if I have been influenced by growing up a particular time, but to this day I don't really like to look that I am wearing a lot of makeup. I know that, I now wear more makeup than I use to, as I have developed dark circles around my eyes. There are three factors associated with causing dark circles under your eyes, the skin around the eyes is thinner, hyper-pigmentation or an increased number of capillaries. I would guess that mine are caused by hyperpigmentation, which is more common in Asian skin because dark-skinned people have more melanin. My mother has very dark circles under her eyes, so I suspect that mine will get darker too with time.

Here's how I get rid of dark circles under my eyes and get a dewy look:

Step 1: Prep

Start by prepping the skin with a hydrating eye cream, this will ensure your concealer looks bright and smooth all day look and will stop any creasing. I am using Bobbi Browns Vitamin Enriched Eye Base as it’s also a primer and moisturiser. I also use the vitamin enriched Face Base on the rest of my face. It's a primer plus moisturiser for smooth makeup application.

Step 2: Correct

A corrector is an essential to banish any darkness under the eye. These come in a few tones, I am using 'dark bisque'. Pink correctors will take out any blueness or purple shadow. Peach correctors will take out and brown or greyish shadow. I apply most of it towards the inner corner of my eye to give and instant brightness. I use the foundation brush for this, as helps me apply a thin layer.

Step 3: Concealer

Next layer a concealer on top and blend out towards the cheekbone. The job of a concealer is to give you that extra coverage whilst bringing it back to skin tone for a flawless finish, I am using Intensive Skin Serum Concealer in Golden. It comes with a doe foot, but you have to work quickly as the product dries easily.

Step 4: Foundation

Finally, I then apply Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in golden this is my all time hero product, I simply apply directly on my face from the tube in stripes, I swipe across my forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. I then blend with my fingertips, always make sure that your finger tips are warm as that helps to blend the product, thats also why I prefer using my fingers to a makeup brush. You can then apply some more product if you want more coverage. I love the dewy look that this foundation gives me as I don't use that much product.

43 Shades of Foundation

Here's the full list of products recommended to use, I don't use the Primer Plus but I do us the other products highlighted.

Hope that you found this useful !



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