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Does anyone talk about the peri-menopause?

Perimenopause means "around menopause" and refers to the time during which your body makes the natural transition to menopause, marking the end of the reproductive years. Perimenopause is also called the menopausal transition.

The medical definition of 'peri' means 'about' or 'around', the only time that I have come across the word 'peri' was to describe how I'd like my marinade on my chicken wings at Nandos !! Anyway, a few months ago I started to feel all hot and bothered on a packed commuter train going into London. I had actually had a rather pleasant walk to the station, not the usual accelerated pace when you know you're a few minutes late. There was no explanation as to why I would feel so hot and uncomfortable. I squirmed in my suit, taking off my jacket, desperately searching for a tissue in my handbag, while holding on to the hand rail. Why is it when you feel a bit peaky you are always happen to be standing?!!! Anyway, without any rhyme or reason I felt incredibly hot, similar to after a work out. I was paralysed with embarrassment, and fear that everyone on the train could tell that I was having a hot flush. Well, I don't think that anyone did notice, heads down on their mobile phones, too busy scrolling through their Instagram feeds. Commuters, we are selfish bunch, protected in our cocoons of self-importance. I knew that I had two choices: one was to admit defeat, be a victim and beg to the kindness of strangers for a seat. Now, what sort of ailment does a forty-several old woman get suddenly that needs a seat? Well, that would scream MENOPAUSE across the entire carriage, no that wasn't an option! So option 2 was the only way to go, deal with the situation you are a woman!! So I look the longest, deepest breath, I could, exhaled as slowly and just focussed on nothing else except the breaths in and out of my body. I knew that meditation class would come in handy!! After a few breaths, soon realised I was just hot, sitting would n't have helped. I looked at my watch, only another 17 mins to arrive in London, I could hang on silently.

Once, I arrived at work, I did n't tell anyone that I had, had a hot flush. I was in a turmoil of mixed emotions, embarrassed, ashamed and so very, very old, my fertility had hitched a ride and pissed off !! Now, I was 47 at the time, I have 3 beautiful teenager children, I don't want any more children (are you kidding me, I would run for the hills if I was up the duff) and yet I missed the chance of having them already. My mind skipped back to all those pregnant women that that caught my eye, over and over again. They were young, fertile, youthful pregnant women flaunting their fertility at me. I had a busy day ahead of me, so I pushed all those anxieties to one side and focussed on doing my job.

I had a few more hot flushes that month, and then that day came when I got my period !! The feeling of sheer elation. I'm sure that Handel's 'Zadok the Priest' could be heard from my womb!! I carried on with life as you do, to be honest when you are busy with life pretending that nothing was changing, when a brand called Cucumber Clothing contacted me for a collaboration.

So their clothes are cutting-edge, super soft, breathable fabrics get serious with your sweat, and their odour-eliminating properties make sure you stay deliciously fresh. They are also anti-crease, meaning little or no ironing. They use incredibly efficient wicking fabrics alongside 37.5® Technology which uses volcanic mineral to help keep your body at the ideal core temperature of 37.5° Celsius. I was pleasantly surprised that these pyjamas did keep me cool and helped get a decent nights sleep. When, I get back from work, after commuting and walking at the hill, tend to be a bit hot and bothered so I immediately change into my pyjamas. But recently, I found myself reaching for my cucumber pyjamas, as they are so perfect at cooling me down, and my husband also commented that I don't look like my usual scruffy self, so I guess that you can call it loungewear. After, asking a few of my close girlfriends of a similar age, we established that a few us were getting hot flushes, and yet non of us had volunteered this information. We all kept it silent, which seemed to make it an unspoken taboo, so decided to blog about it, post o Instagram. I am not going to run around with a tshirt emblazoned across with the slogan "Watch out peri-menopausal women". It's just good to know that you aren't alone, happens to all women and can last up to THREE YEARS !!

So many thanks to Cucumber Clothing founded by Nancy Zeffman and Eileen Willett which is slow fashion, banished all plastic packaging and replaced it with 100% compostable and biodegradable film made from potato starch. They never to go on sale. Why? Because their clothes are well made and made to last a long time.  Made by real people being paid a fair wage is never inexpensive and they don't want feed into the idea that clothes are here today and gone tomorrow.

Pyjama Top Linked HERE

Their Pyjamas top is just too pretty to wear to bed only, so this is how I styled it on a girl nights out with with skinny leather trousers, fierce heels and my biscuit cutter earrings !! Would look great with jeans too.


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