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How to wear Leather in the office?

Sometimes you get tired of what you normally wear to work and need to inject a little adventure. My go-to work uniform is a dress and blazer, as with a dress has a top and bottom and all you just need to do is find a jacket that co-ordinates. I find wearing separates a bit more of a challenge as being petite you really need to get the proportions right.

Here are a few key pieces of leather clothing that I actually wear to work (and yes, I really do):

  • A faux leather dress

  • Fitted Short leather skirt

  • Fitted Pencil leather skirt

  • Skinny faux leather leggings

All of above, I have worn to a conservative corporate office in the heart of the City of London and the photos below are from my instagram feed, quick snaps taken by me, my daughter or husband before running to work. I also own a cropped leather jacket that I wear frequently at the weekends, but never to work.

Below is a faux leather dress that I tend to wear with a tweed jacket. Mine is a few seasons ago from Warehouse, but if I you click the photo there is a link to a current one from warehouse.

I have worn this outfit, but switched the shoes for conservative black pumps.

I did feel like Snoop Dog, but loved the yellow of the blouse with grey fur and black leather

Conservative white bow blouse with pleated skirt and heels


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