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Sweaty Betty ... 20 yrs of Empowering Women through Fitness

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

When I started training seriously about a decade ago, it was quite unusual for girls to lift heavy weights ... this has changed in recent years and those of you that follow me know that I always try to work out 3-4 times a week. With the global COVID-19 pandemic, I was forced to switch from going to the gym to working out from home. I think, that I may have taken a 'break' from the gym, if I had not been supported and encouraged by personal trainer. The thought of running outside fills me with dread !!

So getting ready to work out, means that right workout clothing is important to me, I have been wearing leggings by Sweaty Betty for the past 4-5 years, I have had conversations with myself on the amount of money a pair of leggings may cost, after all you just sweat in them ... but their leggings really do wash and wear like no other. I have had pairs that are a few years old and yet feel like brand new, they have not lost their shape or elasticity. They offer support without that feeling of restriction that you might get from a a pair of Spanx, you can still move easily. So you can imagine, my delight that one of my favourite brands wanted to collaborate with me. I am delighted to share with you some of my favourite Sweaty Betty items from their current collection

I am wearing Power Cropped Gym Vest which has a hidden is made out of the same fabric as the Power leggings. Its sweat-wicking and quick drying, it has mesh inserts for breathability and an in-built light support bra. I would wear this over a sports bra for improved support. The matching Power Leggings have a side pocket and back zip pocket for essentials. These are 7/8 length, so hit above my ankle, they are made from a bum-sculpting fabric that flatters where it matters, and look great when you workout.

I am wearing the Refresh Tshirt its the ultimate V neck tee for all day, every day wear. It's made from a soft slub jersey, and is cut generously to give an oversized fit, you can slip it on with jeans or joggers as there isn't any obvious sports emblems. The great thing also about a loose top, is that you can tie knot in the hem if you are in the mood for a more fitted look.

Here, I am wearing it with the Zero Gravity Leggings in this fabulous Beetle Blue Leopard Print. As those of you that may watch my workout stories my goto gym look is leggings and tshirt. One of the reasons that the founder started the brand was because of all the dark and uninspiring prints, so they embarked on a mission to create beautiful activewear clothes for women. I think that they have achieved this, with this gorgeous leopard print. These leggings have taken 20 years of development and they've created the perfect fit and fabric to ensure they flatter where it matters. They definitely didn't slip during my kettle bell swings !!

Working out from home has now become part of my normal routine and I work out in the mornings before I have to login into work, in essence I use my commuting time to work out. When I first started working out from home, it was hard to get into the right mindset. Previously, I would get dressed, drive to the gym ... all of which help prepare your mind. I have walked into the gym on a dark, gloomy winter morning and all I really want to do, was to spin round on my heels and go home, to snuggle under my duvet .... but you have made it this far, so you really can't turn around and go home, what a complete waste of time that would be. So by the time, I have walked into the weights room ... I am ready to workout ... as I have time to prepare my mindset!! Once, I am there, I am focused, as I am limited on time, need to complete all my exercises as per my workout app, get home, shower and change for work and then catch a train to London. I don't have the luxury of time to hang around and chat!!

So when I started to workout from home, there were not any time constraints but it was hard to feel motivated .. so I would taken my gym clothes out the night before, below are my tips for working out at home.

Thanks so much for reading, this post was written in collaboration with Sweaty Betty.



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