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How does she do it?

Updated: Jun 17, 2020


What my day looks like?

I get up at 6.00am, get changed into my gym clothes, I work out for about an hour. After working out, I shower and get dressed for work,  check on the kids if they are waking up (usually not), I then go to the study and login into work, after 8am. I normally work until 12pm and have a break for lunch. Sometimes,  I can have an hour break, when I am busy its grabbing a sandwich and eating at my desk. When I have time for a lunch break,  I do I like to cook with the kids and my husband. The kids help with preparation, and we  usually delegate cleaning up the kitchen to them, and I log back into work. I tend to be finished with work by 5.30pm. Sometimes,  I can work a bit later but I try not to as usually by that point I’m pretty drained it. I’ll try to go for a walk outside for about 30 to 40 minutes usually with my daughter. When we get home we decide what we going have for dinner. We have dinner around 7.30pm. The children are left to clean  and tidy the kitchen, however I still need to wipe down surfaces and sweep the floor, as they need  some supervision. My husband and I will watch TV,  the kids will go to back to their rooms or play games in the study. I tend to go to bed for 10 o’clock. 

How is home schooling going?

As my children are all at secondary school, I don't need to supervise them doing homework, however I need to continually remind them to complete tasks assigned by school, they have portals that clearly show what homework has been set per subject. So both my husband and I have to divide  and conquer, review each subject that  is being worked on. Ensure that the work completed is a decent standard. It's hard to remember when long term projects are due, so we make a note in the family diary with final hand in date and weekly countdown before due date. 

How I'm coping?

I am coping reasonably well, as I have a quite structured day, I find that without a routine I do find it quite hard to cope and more likely to feel melancholy. I don't have any times when I am bored, as there is always something to do. I think that it helps to have 5 of us in one house, we chat to one another, joke and tease like any other family. There is also the endless streams of tasks when you have 5 people in a house!!

What I'm wearing?

Today, I'm wearing a brightly printed silk shirt and pleather shorts, more than likely bare feet as I don't wear shoes in the house.


I don't actually have one, if i need to do something then i stop and think about how i will do it approach it and then execute my plan. I feel that exercise always helps me stay positive, after all a fit body and mind.

What am I enjoying?

I am enjoying teaching the kids how to do everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning, laundry and gardening, skills that they will need when they leave home. As i have more time with them at home, its easier to talk to them and spend more time teaching them. I am learning that i am quite resilient person who has a generally positive outlook in life.   


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